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jewel decoration multi channel stencil brush

as innovation i decided to make a series of rare tools for texturing cloth and fabric so i made jewel decoration multi channel stencil brush. this bundle include 35 stencil for decorating any thing such as cloth fabric etc.

for better understanding of what this product do check out video tutorial here:

the archive include:

  • PNG folder: 35 texture sets 2k 
    • base color
    • roughness
    • metallic
    • normal
    • height
    • AO
  • SBSAR folder: 35 sbsar files
  • preview folder: png previews

SBSAR files are capable to:

  • change base color
  • change roughness
  • change metallic
  • change height value
  • flip X/Y stencil

num21 included as free sample

download the product here at my artstation store:

40 fabric alpha brush bundle : TRICOT & KNITTED (2k tiff 16 bit)

tricot and knitted alpha brush bundle is a unique alpha set for making warm cloth and fabric. this bundle include high quality height maps for a wide range of use cases.

include 40 high quality height maps

  • 2048*2048 tileable
  •  tiff 16 bit 
  • able to use in zbrush, mudbox, 3dcoat, blender etc

file include:

  • alphas folder
  • previews folder

you can download this bundle at my artstation store here.

also there is a free video tutorial for this bundle at below:

hope you enjoy and good luck 😉

30 droplet alphas + 8 PBR wet glass material

this bundle include 30 high quality droplet height maps

  • 4096*4096
  •  tiff 16 bit format
  • tileable
  •  able to use in any software that can use alpha height map such as  zbrush, mudbox, 3dcoat blender etc

8 BPR high quality wet glass material

  •  4096*4096
  • jpg
  • diffuse, height, normal, refract, refract glossiness
  • preview for each material
  • tileable

file include:

  • alphas folder
  • alpha previews folder
  • bpr material folder (8 sub-folders)

you can get this bundle here at artstation or flippednormal. hope you enjoy

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droplet alphas
droplet alphas
droplet alphas

22 PBR Rattan and Wicker 4K Material

this product include 22 PBR 4k Rattan and Wicker  Material that grouped in 8 texture type and 22 color variation

channels included:

  • diffuse
  • bump
  • normal
  • reflect
  • displacement
  • opacity (for one type)

format: jpg and tif(16bit)

dimension: 4096*4096

this is one of my substance material bundles. i posted leather material bundle before at here;

you can get it from my store at artstation or at flippednormal. hope you enjoy

22 BPR Rattan & Wicker 4K Material
rattan and wicker pbr material
rattan and wicker pbr material
rattan and wicker pbr material
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