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jewel decoration multi channel stencil brush

as innovation i decided to make a series of rare tools for texturing cloth and fabric so i made jewel decoration multi channel stencil brush. this bundle include 35 stencil for decorating any thing such as cloth fabric etc.

for better understanding of what this product do check out video tutorial here:

the archive include:

  • PNG folder: 35 texture sets 2k 
    • base color
    • roughness
    • metallic
    • normal
    • height
    • AO
  • SBSAR folder: 35 sbsar files
  • preview folder: png previews

SBSAR files are capable to:

  • change base color
  • change roughness
  • change metallic
  • change height value
  • flip X/Y stencil

num21 included as free sample

download the product here at my artstation store:

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