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cloth and wrinkle alpha pack

hi. this is one of my popular products for fabric and cloth alpha and normal maps. you can use this bundle for save time in your 3d visualization projects.

this bundle includ:

31 high quality height and normal maps

  • 2048*2048 and 4096*4096
  •  tiff 16 bit and jpg format
  • able to use in zbrush, mudbox, 3dcoat, blender etc

file include:

  • alphas folder
  • normal maps folder
  • previews folder

you can download at my artstation store here: https://artstn.co/m/9mvb

or at my flippednormal store here: https://flippednormals.com/downloads/30-fabric-wrinkle-alphasnormal-v2-4k-2k-all-tileable/

or at my gumroad store:

22 PBR Rattan and Wicker 4K Material

this product include 22 PBR 4k Rattan and Wicker  Material that grouped in 8 texture type and 22 color variation

channels included:

  • diffuse
  • bump
  • normal
  • reflect
  • displacement
  • opacity (for one type)

format: jpg and tif(16bit)

dimension: 4096*4096

this is one of my substance material bundles. i posted leather material bundle before at here;

you can get it from my store at artstation or at flippednormal. hope you enjoy

22 BPR Rattan & Wicker 4K Material
rattan and wicker pbr material
rattan and wicker pbr material
rattan and wicker pbr material

9 PBR Leather material (4k)

hi. this product was a personal substance designer project but later i decided to extend and publish it as a product.

this product include 9 variation of PBR leather material at dimension of 4096*4096 and tif, jpg format.

type 1 include:

  • 3 color diffuse map
  • normal
  • bump
  • reflection
  • displacement

type 2 include:

  • 6 color diffuse map
  • normal
  • bump
  • reflection
  • displacement
leather PBR material

you can get this product at my artstation store here for 4.9$

enjoy! 😉