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Bling fabric PBR material bundle

Enhance Your Digital Fashion Workflow with Luxurious Bling Fabric and Cloth PBR Material Bundle

n the world of digital fashion design, having access to high-quality materials can make all the difference in creating stunning and realistic garments. The Bling Fabric and Cloth Material Bundle is here to elevate your designs to a whole new level of luxury and sophistication. This bundle includes 10 exquisite PBR (Physically Based Rendering) bling fabric and cloth materials that are ready to use in your digital fashion workflow. Whether you’re designing jewelry, dresses, or any other fashion item, this bundle will add a touch of opulence and glamor to your creations.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality PBR Materials: The Bling Fabric and Cloth Material Bundle features 10 top-notch PBR materials, meticulously crafted to replicate the appearance and texture of luxurious fabrics. These materials have been designed with an emphasis on details, ensuring that your digital garments look truly authentic.
  2. Ready to Use: With this bundle, you can say goodbye to the hassle of creating materials from scratch. Each material comes in a convenient SBSAR file format, making it easy to integrate them into your digital fashion workflow. Simply import the materials into your favorite 3D software and start using them right away.
  3. Versatility: The Bling Fabric and Cloth Material Bundle is not limited to a single style or design. It can be used in a wide range of fashion projects, including jewelry, dresses, and other garments. Whether you’re aiming for an elegant and sophisticated look or a flashy and glamorous aesthetic, these materials have got you covered.

Included Asset Details:

Inside the Bling Fabric and Cloth Material Bundle, you will find 10 folders, each containing the following assets:

  1. SBSAR File: This file provides the specifications for the PBR material, allowing for easy customization and adjustment within compatible software.
  2. 4K Texture Channels PNG Files: Each material includes high-resolution texture channels to enhance the visual quality of your designs. The following channels are included for maximum realism and versatility:
  • Basecolor: Defines the overall color and appearance of the fabric.
  • Normal: Adds fine details and surface imperfections for enhanced realism.
  • Heightmap: Provides depth and texture variations, creating a 3D effect.
  • Roughness: Determines the level of smoothness or roughness of the fabric surface.
  • Metallic: Controls the material’s metallic reflection properties, allowing for customizable shine and luster.
  • Ambient Occlusion: Enhances the shadowing and occlusion effects, adding depth to the fabric’s creases and folds.
  • Opacity (Some Materials): Depicts areas of transparency or translucency, ideal for certain fabric types or embellishments.

for a Conclusion With the Bling Fabric and Cloth Material Bundle, you have the power to transform your digital fashion designs into something truly magnificent. From jeweled accessories to luxurious dresses, this bundle provides the materials you need to create stunning and realistic garments. Take advantage of the included SBSAR files and 4K textures to customize your designs with ease. So why wait? Elevate your digital fashion workflow and let your imagination run wild with this opulent and glamorous bundle of materials.

download here:

also checkout video tutorial:

knitted fabric material bundle

Looking for a customizable knitted fabric material bundle? Look no further than this SBSAR product! With the ability to adjust the color to your liking, this bundle offers a wide range of possibilities for your next project. Whether you’re working on a 3D model or a digital painting, this material is sure to add a touch of realism and texture. Don’t settle for a generic material – upgrade your work with this knitted fabric bundle today.

The knitted fabric material bundle is perfect for creating realistic clothing, blankets, and other textile-based objects. The texture of the material is incredibly detailed, with a variety of different knit patterns to choose from.

One of the best things about this SBSAR product is its versatility. you can adjust the color of the material and other properties to create the exact look you’re going for. This level of customization ensures that your final product will be unique and tailored to your specific needs.

Another great feature of this material bundle is its ease of use so simply import the SBSAR file into your favorite 3D modeling or digital painting software, and you’re ready to go. The material will automatically apply to your object, saving you time and effort in the design process.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality, customizable knitted fabric material bundle, this SBSAR product is an excellent choice. With its realistic texture, wide range of customization options, and ease of use, it’s sure to elevate your next project to the next level.

i made this bundle based on my popular and good selling alpha brush bundle: 40 fabric alpha brush bundle : TRICOT & KNITTED (2k tiff 16 bit) + FREE video

now you can use as material and save more time in your workflow 🙂

knitted fabric material bundle

sbsar files have ability to:

  • select your desired base color
  • determine level of lightness of knitted details
  • determine height level

the archive has 40 folders include:

  • sbsar file
  • PBR 2k textures:
    • diffuse
    • height map
    • normal
    • metallic
    • roughness

download here:

please see video promotion:


ZBRUSH LOW POLY HAIRSTYLE GENERATOR is a time saver for easily modeling hairstyles in zbrush.

easily make your low poly hairstyle in zbrush:

  • plait
  • braid
  • knitted hair
  • pony tail
  • hair ties

this bundle include 41 zbrush imms : 20 hair and tie imm brush as solid and poly strips (see previews)

  • 10 solid imm curve brush + 10 solid insert mesh brush
  • 11 poly strip imm curve brush + 10 poly strip insert mesh brush
  • 3 stroke size curve files included for curve brushes

archive include: 

  • fbx files: all meshes 
  • materials folder: head skin material (sbsar+ textures) + hair opacity maps + 2 max (2016) files( vray hair material spheres)
  • 4 zbp files
  • 3 zcv files

note: the zbp files are made and compatible with zbrush 2021.5 and higher

note2: to preseve the hair uv your head base mesh must have its UV before


you can download this bundle here at my artstation store:

video tutorial of this bundle:

Good luck 😉

Hard surface normal bundle

this bundle include 50 transparent 2k png hard-surface normal maps + 10 PBR SciFi tileable material. in order to make scifi hard surface game ready models i made this bundle to speed up my work flow. and i published textures and material as an independent product. i made game ready weapon bundle by this product:

low poly game ready PBR SciFi weapon bundle

Hard surface normal bundle

the archive include:

  • SciFi hard surface maps folder: 50 transparent png files
  • PBR materials folder that include two base smart materials and 10 folders that each one include:
    • sbsar file
    • ambient occlusion 4k map
    • base color 4k map
    • emissive 4k map
    • height 4k map
    • metallic 4k map
    • normal 4k map
    • roughness 4k map

note: all sbsar/spsm files made by substance painter 7.3 and substance designer 11.2

note 2: on your occasion of the normal maps dont match your scene shadow/lighting conditions change color space to opengl

Hard surface normal bundle

download this bundle here at my artstation store:

roughness texture bundle

roughness texture bundle is for inserting glossy are rough effect for your materials. this textures are part of my stencil bundle: +200 stencils: dirt and damage, roughness, metal, wood also you can get free samples there.

roughness texture bundle

this product include 55 2k tileabe roughness texture for every texture usage in any software

the archive include:

  • roughness folder:55 png file
  • roughness preview folder:55 jpg previews
roughness texture bundle

you can download this bundle here at my artstation store:

real fabric PBR material bundle

real fabric PBR material bundle include 2k PBR materials that made from real fabrics. i provided heightmap channel of these materials as real fabric alpha brush bundle if you want get the alpha heightmap channel cheaper.

real fabric PBR material bundle

this bundle include 45 PBR fabric material extracted from real fabric.

size:2048*2048 tilable

the archive include these channels: JPG and TIFF

  • base color
  • ambient occlusion
  • roughness
  • height map
  • Specular
  • normal map

the file include

  • PBR material folder:45 sub-folder
  • material preview folder
real fabric PBR material bundle

download PBR material here:

and if you want heightmap alpha bundle:

this bundle include 45 tilable 2k tiff images extracted from real fabric.

include 45 high quality height maps

  • 2048*2048
  • tiff 16 bit format
  • able to use in zbrush, mudbox, 3dcoat etc

the archive include:

  • alpha folder
  • preview folder
real fabric PBR material bundle
real fabric PBR material bundle

download alpha brush bundle here:

good luck 😉

30 droplet alphas + 8 PBR wet glass material

this bundle include 30 high quality droplet height maps

  • 4096*4096
  •  tiff 16 bit format
  • tileable
  •  able to use in any software that can use alpha height map such as  zbrush, mudbox, 3dcoat blender etc

8 BPR high quality wet glass material

  •  4096*4096
  • jpg
  • diffuse, height, normal, refract, refract glossiness
  • preview for each material
  • tileable

file include:

  • alphas folder
  • alpha previews folder
  • bpr material folder (8 sub-folders)

you can get this bundle here at artstation or flippednormal. hope you enjoy

chekout all my product using category tag products.

droplet alphas
droplet alphas
droplet alphas

22 PBR Rattan and Wicker 4K Material

this product include 22 PBR 4k Rattan and Wicker  Material that grouped in 8 texture type and 22 color variation

channels included:

  • diffuse
  • bump
  • normal
  • reflect
  • displacement
  • opacity (for one type)

format: jpg and tif(16bit)

dimension: 4096*4096

this is one of my substance material bundles. i posted leather material bundle before at here;

you can get it from my store at artstation or at flippednormal. hope you enjoy

22 BPR Rattan & Wicker 4K Material
rattan and wicker pbr material
rattan and wicker pbr material
rattan and wicker pbr material

9 PBR Leather material (4k)

hi. this product was a personal substance designer project but later i decided to extend and publish it as a product.

this product include 9 variation of PBR leather material at dimension of 4096*4096 and tif, jpg format.

type 1 include:

  • 3 color diffuse map
  • normal
  • bump
  • reflection
  • displacement

type 2 include:

  • 6 color diffuse map
  • normal
  • bump
  • reflection
  • displacement
leather PBR material

you can get this product at my artstation store here for 4.9$

enjoy! 😉

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