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About me

3d artist , designer and developer

I have master’s degree in computer science. I’ve started working in 2d and 3d art from a young age. I’ve started my career with 3d modeling and then focused on realistic rendering. So I did some freelance projects and then started short-time employment in architecture offices as renderman and cg artist and participated in some architecture competitions. after that I came back to product and industrial 3d presentation freelance work for materials and furniture companies. Then I focused on professional realism 3d modeling and, meanwhile, increased my skills as a texture artist and finally have made my stores include my 3d models , alpha brushes and pbr materials.
also I decided to add game art to my career, so I’ve made a collection of game-ready assets and materials. Also, I’ve made a collection of assets for digital fashion, including dresses and corresponding materials for dresses and also jewelry modeling.

For conclusion, I often do these works in my career:

  • architectural modeling and rendering
  • Parametric modeling
  • 3d furniture and probes
  • high poly and low poly plants and trees
  • high poly and low poly hair
  • game ready textured models
  • zbrush alphas and imm brushes
  • substance materials
  • digital fashion stuff ( cloth, fabric material, jewelry , etc)
  • landscapes
  • characters

Archviz projects


3D models


Product rendering



Adobe Substance 3D
Adobe photoshop
Web Design

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