80 military bullet belt Zbrush IMM

in addition to my previous zbrush IMM products i made military bullet belt zbrush inset mesh brush bundle. by this you can do easily and faster your modeling workflow.

this bundle include military and bullet belt and holder as Zbrush IMM brush. most of items are mid poly and low poly :

  • bullets
  • bag
  • bullet holder
  • bullet belt
  • military belt
  • grenade
  • knife
  • gas

you can checkout video promotion below:

archive include:

  • .ZBP file :
    • belts- curve brush.ZBP : 59 items
    • belts- simple curve brush.ZBP: 5 items
    • imm military and bullet.ZBP: 16 items
  • 3d volume folder : all in one file: max (2016 material vray), fbx, obj 

note1: this product is compatible with zbrush software version 2020.1.4 and higher

you can download the product at my Artstation store here:

low poly game ready PBR SciFi weapon bundle

this bundle include game ready scifi fictional weapons. all PBR and low poly ready to use in your game/vfx projects.

low poly game ready PBR SciFi weapon bundle

this product made by my other product: Hard surface normal bundle + 10 Scifi PBR materials you can checkout there

all items shown in previews.

poly count of every item is about 1k. total poly count 7K.

the archives include folders and each folders include files correspond to specific gun that include its:

  • FBX file:vray next material
  • OBJ file
  • Max file: version 2016 vray next material
  • BaseColor 4k map
  • Emissive 4k map
  • Glossiness 4k map
  • Height 4k map
  • IOR 4k map
  • Metallic 4k map
  • Normal 4k map
  • Reflection 4k map
  • Roughness 4k map
low poly game ready PBR SciFi weapon bundle

you can download this bundle here at my artstation store:

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