this is my third plant Zbrush insert mesh bundle. i thought we can make our low poly plants and game environment design directly in Zbrush so i made this bundle.

Zbrush leaf and plant IMM (LOW POLY)

this pack include leaf and plant zbrush imm brush: 20 “low poly” wall plant + 2 hanged ivy curve brush

archive include:

  • 2 .ZBP file in “ZBP” folder
  • “3d volume” folder : all in one file: max (2016 material vray), fbx, obj + texture folder

you can use this product alongside ivy and leaf imm brush : and flowers imm brush:

note1: this product is compatible with zbrush software: v2021, v2020

note2: imm brush include low poly plants with material id that inserted into zbrush as poly groups. before insert:

  1. make UV of your basemesh to preserve leaves UV for assign material afterward.
  2.  click on “make polymesh 3d” in Zbrush before use the brush to preserve plants object id as poly groups for export poly groups as separate geometries (obj)
Zbrush leaf and plant IMM (LOW POLY)
Zbrush leaf and plant IMM (LOW POLY)

there is a video promotion and how to use video tutorial here: