this bundle include 50 transparent 2k png hard-surface normal maps + 10 PBR SciFi tileable material. in order to make scifi hard surface game ready models i made this bundle to speed up my work flow. and i published textures and material as an independent product. i made game ready weapon bundle by this product:

low poly game ready PBR SciFi weapon bundle

Hard surface normal bundle

the archive include:

  • SciFi hard surface maps folder: 50 transparent png files
  • PBR materials folder that include two base smart materials and 10 folders that each one include:
    • sbsar file
    • ambient occlusion 4k map
    • base color 4k map
    • emissive 4k map
    • height 4k map
    • metallic 4k map
    • normal 4k map
    • roughness 4k map

note: all sbsar/spsm files made by substance painter 7.3 and substance designer 11.2

note 2: on your occasion of the normal maps dont match your scene shadow/lighting conditions change color space to opengl

Hard surface normal bundle

download this bundle here at my artstation store: