jewelry imm brush vol.2

jewelry IMM brush bundle vol 2 is second volume of my jewelry bundles. you can checkout volume 1 here:

jewelry IMM brush

also this volume is usable along side crown 3d bundle:

Crown IMM brush bundle

jewelry imm brush vol2 include 50 low poly jewelry items in various formats and categories.

the zbp files made by zbrush 2020

you can use this bundle alongside : Crown IMM brush bundle + max, fbx, obj

the bundle include:

  • 20 rings : obj, fbx, max 2016(vray)
  • 15 chains : obj, fbx, max 2016(vray)
  • 15 necklaces pendant : obj, fbx, max 2016(vray)

the archive include:

  • 3d geometry folder: 
    • rings: max all in one, fbx all in one, obj all in one
    • chains: max all in one, fbx all in one, obj all in one
    • necklaces pendant: max all in one, fbx all in one, obj all in one
  • ZBP folder:
    • chains.ZBP : 15 chains imm curve brush
    • pendant.ZBP : 15 Necklaces pendant imm brush
    • rings.ZBP : 20 rings imm brush
  • STL folder (only in commercial version): 
    • 15 pendant STL files
    • 20 rings STL files

you can download this bundle at my artstation store here:

good luck 😉

modern kitchen

hi. this is almost a fresh personal archviz work based on reference that i did by 3dsmax 2020 and corona

this is fully based on image base lighting and tried to be as natural as possible. hope you like it.

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